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Caught in the Rain (1914)

Caught in the Rain—Charlie Chaplin short film originally released May 4, 1914

Caught in the Rain - Charlie ChaplinCaught in the Rain is another early Charlie Chaplin film from Keystone Studios, where the character of Charlie the little tramp isn’t quite what we’re used to from his later work.   Slightly tipsy, Charlie tries to make time with Mabel Normand’s character, unaware that she’s married, leading to his being beaten up by her husband, Mack Swain.   Later that night in the hotel where he’s staying, a sleepwalking Mabel comes into his room, and Charlie tries to get her back into her own room while avoiding her prowling husband, ending up with the married couple happily reunited, but with poor Charlie trapped out on a window ledge in a downpour—hence the title.

Trivia for Caught in the Rain starring Charlie Chaplin

Also released as:

  • At It Again
  • Charlot y la sonámbula (Spain)
  • De kvinnorna, de kvinnorna (Sweden)
  • In the Park (USA) (reissue title)
  • Who Got Stung?

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