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Tango Tangles (1914)

Charlie Chaplin photographTango Tangles  is an early (1914) silent short film comedy from Keystone.  It stars Charlie Chaplin, but he doesn’t play the Little Tramp in this film.  He’s dressed differently, without his trademark mustache, and plays an older character of this — the inebriate, a role that he played several times at Keystone.

Chaplin’s inebriate visits a dance hall, and competes with the band leader (Ford Sterling) and a musician (Fatty Arbuckle) for the affection of the wardrobe girl.  Other classic silent film stars appear in Tango Tangles  — Billy Gilbert, Chester Conklin, Edgar Kennedy, and Hank Mann.

Trivia for Tango Tangles

  • Some sources credit the role of the Hat Check Girl to Minda Durfee; this role is actually played by Sadie Lampe; Durfee plays one of the guests at the dance hall.
  • A young girl runs in front of the action during the ballroom scene, while her girlfriend is stopped and hustled off screen by a production assistant


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